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About Us

Establishing roots in Dallas, TX in 2015, A&A Marketing Group is a privately owned direct marketing and sales company. Our founding partner, Lauren, started her marketing career in New York City after graduating from Fordham University where she played soccer and studied Communications. She opened our first office in Washington, DC in 2014. Since then, A&A has begun to steadily increase our market share by delivering  unparalleled results for our clients. A&A develops management teams, trained from the entry-level, to lead clients into new markets, cities, and countries. We only believe in organic growth and all five of our managing partners once held an entry level position in our company.

A&A started off working mainly with clients in the non-profit sector, accepting a small contract with a nonprofit that sponsors children in poverty. One of our managers got to travel to the Dominican Republic and meet children who went to school for the first time because of the money we raised and came back inspired. We added on 3 more non profit clients to our portfolio and quickly became the number one source of donors for our clients. As A&A’s reputation grew, we were able to add on some for-profit clients and expand our business to Dallas, TX. Most recently, we have begun working in the telecom industries and within the last 6 months added 2 more offices to DFW, an office in Atlanta and an office in Nashville. Due to our recording breaking 2018, we were voted our clients number 1 third party vendor.


Core Values

A&A Marketing was built on very simple values. We wanted everyone to feel like they had an equal shot to be successful here and enjoy their time as they worked toward that shot.

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Organic Growth

We only promote from within. Anyone in a management role has started from entry level within our company.

Performance based growth

At A&A Marketing, we want to win. We want to incentivize people to perform to their highest potential by setting a standard for promotion and providing the tools to help people get there quickly. There is no time requirement on our promotions, only a performance requirement.

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Our trainers at A&A Marketing provide hands on training in a variety of areas. We do not require any previous experience and will provide the skills someone needs to be successful.


Our clients are the most important relationship we have. We protects our brand if we protect our clients' brand. We are fortunate to work with clients who dedicate their existence to making the world a better place and we want to follow their example. We treat our clients, customers and employees with the highest level of respect.

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Here at A&A we genuinely love what we do. We truly believe if you “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  We want people who are excited to come to work every day. Enthusiasm is contagious, and we want to surround ourselves with these types of people.


Services We Offer

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Customer Acquisition & Retention

We are leading the way in revenue generation by adding a personal touch to all of our interactions. We specialize in creating relationships with consumers which allows us to find a way to separate our clients from the competition. 

We have found the biggest key to retaining customers is giving them what they want in the first place. By taking the time and genuinely getting to know our customer base, we know why they want and need our clients in the first place which makes it easy to keep them.

Events Marketing

We take our marketing to your consumers! By allowing our events marketing teams to actually be in the public we are able to show consumers why our products are superior. We utilize demonstrations, fun give aways and personal interactions to highlight the benefits of our clients.

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Business to Consumer/ Business to Business

By being able to reach out and target specific demographics we are able to differentiate which products and services will have the most impact where. We want to get your products and services into the hands of the people who need it!

Retail Marketing

It’s not secret, people like dealing with people. In a retail setting, where choices are endless, we have been able to add a personal touch to our clients and separate them from their competition

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Our Clients

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Human Resources

As we grow our clients business, our business grows! Our human resources team is the glue that holds our team together!

  1. Welcoming and on-boarding all new candidates

  2. Ensuring all employees are compliant to work on their respective campaigns

  3. Recruiting top talent to solidify our spot as our clients top partner

  4. Assisting in client trainings

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Account Executive / Account Management

If you are looking for a career in management, but don’t have the experience, this is the place for you!

  1. Learn how to plan and execute our sales process for all medians of marketing

  2. Manage and maintain Client Relations

  3. Customer Acquisition through via B2B, B2C Platforms

  4. Training new team members

  5. Team management and motivation

  6. Client Retention – showing continued growth for our current clients

  7. Client Acquisition- Continue to acquire new clients for our marketing team

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Customer Relations

Be the face of our company and our Clients

  1. Learn Clients’ portfolios

  2. Schedule meetings and manage calendar

  3. Interact one on one with Clients on a daily basis

  4. Customer Acquisition through excellent Brand Consulting

  5. Client Retention – Provide the best experience for existing clients creating brand loyalty

  6. Manage and maintain Client Relations

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Start your career in sales/marketing and receive full training in communication, public speaking and marketing tactics. Full time and part time opportunities available.

  1. Executing Marketing and Promotional Campaigns for clients

  2. Learn marketing portfolio of clients quickly

  3. Prepare the necessary marketing materials for campaigns

  4. Manage and maintain Client Relations

  5. Customer Acquisition through via B2B, B2C Platforms

  6. Customer Retention – Provide the best experience for existing customers creating brand loyalty.

Meet the Team


Lauren Nowakowski

President & CEO

Ana Benson

Director of Human Resources

Stephen Ross

Managing Partner

Brandon Clopton

Junior Partner


Luis Sandoval

Junior Partner


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